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About Matt

I am a 44 year old entrepreneur (and investor in some cases). I have run started and run a few businesses in the past, and achieved moderate success. However, I'm generally only as good as the idea at hand, and this time, the idea, protectable opportunity, and the upside is all very strong. My strengths are creative concepts, inventive outside of the box thinking, marketing, communications, and strategy.

I am looking for a match to the opportunity, and to my skill set, in terms of a talented programmer/architect who can hold the role of a CTO in a mobile social messaging application, quickly hosting hundreds of millions of user accounts. The project is a platform that lets users control the content of their social mobile messaging, and communicate in new abstract, implicative ways (sort of like emoticons, but entirely different). The platform has mobile interface components, including social messaging, and editing features, along with databases, algorithms, and integration components. Essentially I am looking for someone who can take a great, well planned idea, and take it to completion, and handle 'growth from hell' as the application potentially explodes. Will consider younger applicants with experience or education, and able to demonstrate an understanding of the opportunity and landscape. Will consider paid position, equity, or a combination

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