Sebastian Höfinger

Lund, Sweden

Sebastian's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Sebastian

I am good at...
Understanding issues from the customer's perspective
Asking the 'silly' questions which seem obvious but are often neglected
Talking to businesses, connecting to the important people in the right positions in companies
Organizing people and processes with the necessary portion of humor and creation of a fun work environment :)
Drawing up written documents, e.g. business plans or organisational things
Writing and talking, presenting and marketing (e.g. social media channels) a product or service in a smart and lean way
Organising a team and creating a welcoming culture and a good atmosphere around us all :)

I am interested in...
Meeting people that are interested in developing a solution for digital newspapers and magazines of how to make paid content work for them and at the same time keep the Internet free and frictionless for their readers. People who are interested in trying out something new and meaningful in the media industry and who share a similar vision!


Lund University


2015 - 2015

Vienna University of Economics and Business

BSc International Business

2014 - 2014