Sebastian Martinez-Miranda


New York, New York, US

Sebastian's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Sebastian

I currently work for an educational technology nonprofit called My primary role at the organization is to provide support to our partnership managers; helping draft up grant proposals and working on campaign reports. Additionally, I also work as a Salesforce administrator.

Outside of, I am working on a mobile application called Idle. In a nutshell, Idle is a hyper-local mobile application for quick tasks (think TaskRabbit meets Waze). I first came up with Idle about a month after moving to Brooklyn when a rash of shootings occurred in my neighborhood. I had never lived so close to such violence and I found myself constantly thinking about the social and political factors driving the cycle of poverty, and if there was anything I could do about it. It was during this process that I fist came up with Idle.

At its core, Idle's main goal is to create opportunities for people to perform tasks in their community; reducing idleness and curbing the draw of the streets.

One of the biggest concerns brought up while validating Idle as a concept was trust - a trait that does not inherently exist in the communities I had intended to target. As a result, I have since pivoted my focus onto college campuses where communities are more clearly defined and the barriers to trust aren't as strong.

I am at the tail end of building the MVP and am looking for a web developer to join me as my Tech Partner/CTO


Bates College

BA Economics

2015 - 2015