Semmy Kazla

Sacramento, California, US

Semmy's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Semmy

My cofounder and I are both UC Davis alumni. I graduated with a major in Managerial Economics and a minor in Psychology. I come from a family of active investors in real estate and own multiple different types of properties across the globe. I was also personally mentored by coaches from the Rich Dad Poor Dad real estate coaching program owned by Robert Kiyosaki, a famous American investor and businessman.

My cofounder earned his Bachelors in Economics at UC Davis. He comes from a business background and an affluent family in the hospitality industry, owning motels across the United States, land, and property overseas. They are also consistent investors in real estate.

We have a growing real estate network of investors, agents and brokers, as we have been actively attending, marketing, and networking at at real estate events and have been building our online presence in the real estate community.

We came across our startup idea as we began our personal journeys in real estate investment, as we realized how time consuming and costly advertising and building a list of real estate contacts could be. We believe that real estate should be a simple and easy opportunity and VestorsList will provide for that.