Senthil Premraj

Spartanburg, South Carolina, US

Senthil's Skills
Product Management

About Senthil

HealthPlotter is a health benefits startup that has found a unique niche in onsite clinics that are directly serving employers. We found that a small group of mom and pop clinics that directly contract with employers still need to show their value proposition to the employer and are struggling to do so. We provide a service of extracting their data and creating reports for them. Currently, the startup is revenue generating 2 clinics that has 10 employers under them and 1 pilot direct employer contract. Revenue is upwards of $7K/month. Ideally, we want to move up the value chain to disrupt the market.

Employer Health Benefits is a unique beast with tons of self-insured employers. These self-insured employers are mini-insurance companies and go at risk for their population and they have access to all their claims data. There are some crappy broker level tools that is being dominated in the market that just gives them reports on the claims and there are corporate wellness engagement tools that do not use the data and rather act like the cool guys on the block. If we can combine analytics and engagement together, then there is a unique market nice that can scale rapidly. I have some ideas on breaking into the market and am looking for a co-founder who wants to join in on the journey.

My background is - Bachleors in Bioengineering from University of Pittsburg, Masters in Computer Engineering from University of Iowa and 3 years in cardiology informatics from FUJIFILM. For the past 3 years, I have taken part in Blueprint Health as a Floating Founder and started this company through The Iron Yard Health Accelerator.

My co-founder would be a great hustler that can sell the health benefits vision or a hacker that can get into the code and solve some unique problems. The product is currently being built in an in-house team in team in Ruby on Rails and AngularJS and I would love to give you a demo if you are interested.