Serena Scanzillo

Product Management

Washington, District of Columbia, US


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Serena

Hey Treps' !

My name is Serena and I'm the founder of - my personal training and nutrition business. I've been in business for about 5 years and am looking to take things to the next level!

I'm here to find somebody to join me, or to contribute to a new brand/cross brand! I have a bunch of ideas to make my website/brand better but funding is always an issue. I'm open to partnering up with another who's equally as motivated as me to work hard to get stuff done.

I had a few ideas about launching a maternity fitness clothing line. I'd also like to get some programs off the ground for people to be able to download and follow on their own. I'm all about new ideas and collaborating.

I need some fresh new blood to work with! I'm excited to see who I connect with here on this site - I LOVE networking and masterminding too. It's time to start making more money, influencing more people to get up and get healthy and to make new connections!

Hope to hear from you - Cheers!


George Mason University

Communication Media Studies

2008 - 2008





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