Sergey Zavgorodny

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Sergey's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Sergey

I am good at
Superfast MVP creation; understanding core business metrics and flows.

IT-skills: High load Web services design (sharding, replication, data denormalization, queueing systems, CPU, IO and memory optimization and so on), relational databases and NoSQL-storages (including lot of work with MySQL, PostgreSQL, memcached, Redis), programming languages (C/C++, PHP, JS (including working on node.js platform), DevOps techniques

Maths: a have an education in the area of mathematical modeling, work with different math software like Matlab, Mathematica, R and so on.

I understand and try to apply in practice Lean Startup methodology

Things I have done before:
Large educational platform with tons of features,
Different social network applications,
Extremely fast grabbers and indexers for billions of Web-sites.
Cloud computing in AWS with dozens of self-configuring and interacting nodes.

Lots of hardware projects including robotics, industrial automation, stepper motor control, different biomedical devices, geolocation and navigation devices, vibration and noise measurement and so on.

I am interested in:
Applying artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning to practical tasks.
Working with Big Data
A little bit vague but - running viral products with deep emotional encouragement.