Sergio Marrero

Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

Sergio's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Sergio

Re-imagine how to make social networking online more human and in-person networking can be more efficient and effective. My focus is developing an enterprise application to help companies/organizations maintain and strengthen their networks. Individuals will use it to connect to people of interest within their networks. Organizations will use it to understand how to better serve their members.

I have been working on developing a peer-to-peer coaching program for students in college to increase retention rates.

Facilitating conversations and matching between individuals has been a task in itself that I believe can be its own project to change the way we connect to new people and build our "social capital".

Looking for a creative partner with design background, love of interfaces, maybe even industrial design so we can think beyond the awkwardness of networking events and the desperate cold email or blog post into the unknown...Just like this match making site. How can we re-imagine this situation and connect individuals that are looking for each other, but are just a degree away.