Serhiy Kozlov

Kiev, Ukraine

CEO of Romexsoft, focused on Java Programming and Software Engineering
Serhiy's Skills
Product Management

About Serhiy

Tech Expert and CEO of Romexsoft, an outsourcing software development company headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine.

My problem-solving skills and managerial experience are complemented with a strong background in coding, creativity and a history of delivering over 100 projects to small, mid- and enterprise-sized companies.
Romexsoft shares strong ethical values, promotes efficient cooperation based on Agile principles and takes special pride in delivering complex solutions on time and within budgets.
Our team is 100% Java, 100% friendly and 100% responsible for delivering products that go beyond your expectations.

Key Areas of Expertise:
High-load Java web applications
Custom CRM systems
SaaS solutions for Fintech and Healthcare providers.
Mobile application development (iOS & Android)
Big Data Solutions and Data Science for Businesses