Serious Founder

Chicago, Illinois, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Serious Founder

Me: I have always wanted to create a startup (or three). I have a Master's in C.S. but for the last few years have been working in a non-technical role, full-time. Outside my regular job I have between 10-20 hours per week to work on stuff.

I am interested in rolling out a a bunch of short-term startup projects to see if any can be successful. I'm looking for someone, possibly 2 people, to fill the following roles:

1) Technical co-founder. Someone to discuss ideas and bounce design decisions back and forth. Write code for an equal equity share of any successful company. You should be proficient in Linux and Python, at least.

2) Designer. Create wireframes and help correct my unfortunate aesthetic tendencies. Sweat equity negotiable.

I'm open to any potential arrangements.

Even if you are remote please get in touch!