Seth Ford

Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Seth's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Seth

I am an very accomplished developer and designer with many years of expertise under my belt (C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Node.js, MongoDB, iOS dev and the entire Creative Studio Suite). I am looking for two equal partners 1 designer and 1 developer that can help me execute on a vision that I believe will "change the world".

I believe the next generation of social networks will use more game theory; real, very fun and intensely personal, intertwined / interwoven with game play and more so, the next generation of games will highly leverage social networks and become defacto portals for user interaction.

I have developed most of the visual designs and have laid out most of the technical road-map for a successful launch. I need two people to help push me and see it through as equal partners. And my goal is that we create something very fun but we also do it in a very fun loving environment.

Location is not important, I'm traveling all over the world. I am looking for passion and determination and ideally capabilities better than mine.