Seth Jones

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Seth's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Seth

Hello, my name is Seth Jones, and I am the President and Founder of The Atmosphere Music, Inc.

We, at the The Atmosphere Music, Inc., intend to create the music community of the future – a place where artists, sponsors, & fans unite, revolutionizing the way we listen to, share, and discover music.

This project has been in the making for nearly 3 years, and at this time the product, "The Atmosphere", is a completed prototype for presentation/further funding purposes. A landing page has been created for users to express interest which contains screenshots of the prototype as well as an explainer video of the site itself. The landing page can be accessed at

We have also begun the development of our record label operations and have created a website for e-commerce to be used exclusively as a faculty for our recording artists and further promotion of the brand.

At this time the company has managed to acquire investments of over $40,000 and have members of the Berklee Business Faculty on the Board Of Directors. Also, there is one other Co-Founder involved in the launching of the business. He is also a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music and has contributed the first round of investment.

At this time we are looking for a Full-Stack/Ruby Developer to assist in the development of our web app and serve as our Technical Lead/ Technical Co-Founder with that can help bring this product to market. Design Skills would also be helpful. We are looking for someone that is creative, intelligent, and wants to adopt this dream, and help bring it to life - has to be someone that is looking to get involved with a startup in its early stages and would be interested in being rewarded with equity and will be flexible in payment.

If anyone is interested in getting involved on the ground floor, and wants to help make our vision a reality, please contact me. You will be recognized as a Co-Founder, an instrumental part of the business, and will be rewarded with equity.

More links for the product can be found below: