Seth Kaplan

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Healthcare Technology Executive, Product Manager, Enterprise Architect, IT Strategist and Intrepreneur
Seth's Skills
Product Management

About Seth

I've dedicated the past 20 years doing nothing but innovating in technology. Designing and building "stuff" that has real-world usefulness and marketability is my one-and-only passion. I started my career working for US Dept. of Defense contractors, again, building very interesting systems and military gadgets. But the whole blowing-things-up concept took a bit of a toll so I began looking elsewhere. I spent time working overseas for offshore developers and acquired an appreciation for how the rest of the word thinks, lives, and understands. I eventually landed in healthcare, and began working for a large systems integrator in Northern Virginia with a focus on serving disabled and disadvantaged individuals. I remained there for nearly 12 years building some of the most innovative healthcare systems and applications in the industry, most of which are still in production today serving 10s of millions of members, some even been worked into legislation making it illegal to turn them off!

I started my career as a programmer and architect, working my way to director and eventually CTO of a Fortune 500 company. My principal focus throughout has always been on innovation - creating and selling products and services designed from the ground-up to serve our customers, improve their lives, and reduce costs (for ourselves, our providers, and even the taxpayer). I found equal success and happiness in planning for and staffing these systems to operate in production and evolve over many to come.

Finally, I facilitated the sale of our company to another healthcare provider for $134M. I have had the fortunate pleasure of being able to continue serving this company at its CTO, continuing to prepare and grow the business through innovations as the healthcare industry goes through dramatic and sweeping changes.

While healthcare has been my primary industry for several years, I see myself as an innovator first. I have worked in industries ranging from retail to defense, and have expertise in operations, security, mobility, and interface transaction processing that transcends into nearly any industry.

That's me in a nutshell.

Work Experience

Head of Next Generation Modernization

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

January 2016 - December 2016