Shachar Golan

New York, New York, US

Shachar's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Shachar

We are a doctor-on-demand house call service that will be the "Uber for urgent care". We are looking to recruit someone to be our Co-Founder and CTO. This is an excellent opportunity to join a very hot technology startup. The person would be responsible for leading the entire technology aspect of our team for building out the web app and mobile app.

We have over $300K of investor commitments towards the company. We have a World-Class Advisory Board that includes the CFO of Yahoo, CEO of Loews Hotels, CAO of Anthem, and Medical Directors from 5 of the top 10 hospitals in the country.

We have over 40+ doctors we have recruited into our network already. The key for us now is building the app, so that a user can request a house call and we have a doctor's portal. This company is poised to become a national superstar with our stellar team, world-class Advisory Board, and excellent brand. I am a former Wall Street Executive. Our Chief Medical Officer is an accomplished pediatrician from Columbia / Montefiore. We also have 3 additional members of our team who are doing hotel acquisition and doctor acquisition.

This company is poised to become the next Uber, and we are looking for a CTO to join us and help build this company into a national superstar!