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Huntington Beach, California, US

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Hi All,

I'm currently in the process of designing a new way to provide cloud computing by utilizing the personal computers in many many homes that are currently standing idle and wasting cycles with nothing to do.

I have built a few communities (several thousand members) with members looking for a direction to point their computing power (and I have access to leadership in several other communities with like-minded members). If we can provide them with that direction, I think we can usher in a new ground-breaking way to provide cloud computing to businesses and universities alike.

If this sounds interesting to you, please send me a message so we can speak further. Again, I'm not a developer myself, so I'm looking for someone who can lead the development of such a product while I work on raising capital, gaining traction, and ultimately establishing ourselves as a leader in cloud computing (it's going to be a tough journey with the Goliaths already out there, but I believe that we can do it).

A little more about me:

- I'm based in Southern California

- I come from a background of Cryptocurrency Mining applications (Sales and Operations) - This is where I got the idea from

- I don't have a wife or kids, so I am able to dedicate a LOT of time to this

- And I have personal and business relationships with people in high-enough places that will help us succeed

I'll be happy to discuss more as we get to know each other. Southern California based is HIGHLY preferred!



If something is important enough, there isn't anything that will stand in your way of achieving your goal. - Elon Musk


The University of Arizona

B.S. Business Administration

2014 - 2014

University of Arizona

B.A. Psychology

2010 - 2014


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