Shane Brunette

Utrecht, Netherlands

Shane's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Shane

Resourceful and goal orientated, I aim to get things done with a critical mind and an open perspective. I analyze what works and what doesn't and focusing on the little that actually matters. Particular attention is made to simplifying and automating work process structures and escaping the noise in marketing efforts. I am passionate about navigating through a random and unknowable future by employing dynamic business tactics that maximise optionality. An entrepreneur and an underdog at heart, my current interests are in technology start ups and psychology.

I have co-founded Brunette Brothers, an internet start up company focused on dynamic growth through lean marketing strategies. We are currently developing, an online education platform to connect tutors and students which has just completed beta launch phase with successful feedback.

Previous personal experience includes 3 years b2b business development in the IT industry and a Bachelor of International Business majoring in Marketing and Economics.

Existing technical co-founder skills include Bachelor of Space Engineering and sufficiency in HTML, JS, PHP, CSS.

We are looking for somebody with a deep computer science background to develop additional features and help implement viral growth hack strategies.