Shane Bryan

Fort Collins, Colorado, US

Shane's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Shane

Visionary looking for Leaders and Risk Takers

I was recently talking with an Advisor that I trust, about what it takes to run a successful business. He brought up a book (heck if I can remember the name) that talks about how you need three types of people to start a great business: A Visionary/Artist, a Leader/Action Taker, and a Risk Taker/Investor. While entrepreneurs tend to have skills in each area, they always have a unique ability that they excel at.

Mine is being a Visionary/Artist, I excel at creating systems, business architecture, and plans. However I’m not the best at following through with those plans. I currently have three different industries that I’m looking to start businesses in: cloud based applications, software and electronic interfaces, and real estate. All of which are great markets to be in.

I’ve got a great vision for each of these fields. When it comes to the tech industry my ideas have been compared to Steve Jobs (in the early years). On the real estate side I’ve been compared to Donald Trump, (I’d prefer Dean Graziosi but Donald is not bad at all).

That being said, vision is nothing without action! I need to find leaders who can take a great idea and make it better. Someone who can hit the ground running and understands we will be doing a lot of mountain climbing to reach the top. I need to find co-founders in both the tech and real estate fields. If this describes you please contact me. Speed is important in business and I want to keep up the momentum.


I’m always going to need help with developing the cloud based applications. All of the fields I’m working in will require developers. In the real estate field we will be developing apps for our employees to use to help systematize their daily activities. When it comes to the tech side, we’ll be creating apps to help businesses and consumers integrate their daily task to improve communication and collaboration.

So if you interested in working with our team to create the next tech giant please contact me.