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Hey, I'm Shannon Meairs, co-founder of, a purpose-fit learning network. SPARXlife helps people discover their purpose (SPARX) and connects them with learning opportunities that fit. Ultimately, we plan to network human potential by matching users with opportunities that match their SPARX, like jobs, internships, events, people and more.

I've spent 13 yrs in the education space as Assistant Director of Admission at Pepperdine University, Co-creator of ABC's "The Scholar", Founder of Full Ride Inc, Co-Founder of University Drive LLC and most recently, SPARXlife. I would consider myself a social entrepreneur and I'm passionate about creating concepts with a social impact. My current areas of focus in SPARXlife are on customer development, user acquisition, brand development and fundraising. My masters is in Organizational Development and I have a knack for building high performing teams.

SPARXlife was founded by my two co-founders and me in late 2011. We've spent the past year validating our biz model, running psychometric tests on the SPARX methodology, building the MVP, customer development and building partnerships in edtech. We're fans of the Lean methodology and are looking for a developer who is agile and knows Lean.

Our ideal person would have a solid background in back-end dev with front-end/design a bonus. We outsourced the dev of phase 1 of the prototype and are now looking to add a full-time developer to move into the next phase. But most importantly, we're looking for someone who shares our passion for social impact...someone who possesses a technical skill set and wants to use their talent to change the world. We are a strong team of committed entrepreneurs who have sacrificed, bootstrapped, battled in the trenches and continue to believe in each other and our mission to revolutionize education and human potential.

If this is you...we'd love to get to know you and see what kind of impact we can make together!


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Pepperdine University

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