Sharlene Williams

London, United Kingdom

Sharlene's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Sharlene

We're not quite another group of "business brains" looking to fill our tech gap...but we're not too far off!

Our business end is covered - we're a team of 3 ambitious people with a successful track record in business - though not at the scale we're seeking to achieve with this business, we've proven we can work together to get a business off the ground, get customers and start bringing money in.

The business we are looking to bring a co-founder into is (obviously) a fantastic idea, it will solve many of the problems relating to graduate recruitment and the recruitment of younger people in general.

We've spent the past 6 months in San Francisco, networking our asses off...we now have two mentors, both of whom are partners at Andressen Horowitz. We even had dinner with Ben Horowitz, dinner with friends at Dropbox and lunch with recruitment heads at Facebook while we were out there! Our network is solid...

We do however lack technical skills...truthfully, we have neglected product. But research is over and it's time to prove that this business has legs.

We want to bring in a technical co-founder who naturally has the skills (seriously, very critical) to build but also the vision to add to what we've already laid out. Vision is the key to being part of our team. You'll want to take ownership of the development and eventually building the team who made this happen.

We are not yet trying to raise money...we want to hit certain proof points first so this will be an equity deal but your full time attention won't be a requirement (yet). Ideally, you will be up for returning with us to San Francisco next year as this is where our business is based!

We can't wait to hear from you!


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