Shaun Maclellan

Ottawa, Canada

Shaun's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Shaun

My name is Shaun Maclellan I am the current founder of YouCollab an IOS application that seamlessly connects YouTube Creators together.

YouCollab is a platform that makes collaboration easy,simple and efficient for YouTube Creator of any size depending on whether you have 4 subscribers or 4 million subscribers. This is a product is an untouched industry and has the potential to be very successful which is something that you have probably heard a thousand times but it is true.

I have already completed a thorough analysis of the market and have an in-depth knowledge of this unfamiliar industry.

The entire business is outlined clearly of what step are necessary for this product to succeed. Also the entire UI design of the application has been completed.

I am currently looking for an App Developer to partner with that can do the following:

Strong understanding of Swift or Objective C and Xcode
Experience with construction of Databases (PHPMyAdmin and MySQL)

Experience with construction of APIs and using APIs in JSN format

Thorough understanding of beta testing methodsĀ 

Experience with website coding language Ruby(website building).

Preferably looking for students who have recently attended or currently in university for Software Engineering. I would prefer students from the University of Ottawa for location purposes.

The YouCollab website is