Shaun Moss

Brisbane City, Australia

Visionary who wants to change the world.
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About Shaun

My background is primarily in software and web development, teaching, sales, management, drafting, and CAD. I'm an excellent communicator and have written and self-published two books so far, and given many presentations and interviews. I've been interested in human settlement of Mars for nearly 20 years and have studied a lot of related science and technology. I'm currently working on my second book about Mars. I'm also a vegan and very into health and fitness, and passionate about changing the way people eat and how we treat animals. My main interest is to become a successful entrepreneur in tech and property, to convert the world to veganism, to help as many people as possible worldwide, and eventually contribute to space settlement. I'm a world traveller and have visited nearly 40 countries so far.

Please note, I do not live in Brisbane, although I do call it home. I am currently exploring the planet and looking for a new home base where I can start developing this business.

My main entrepreneurial interest is developing a high-tech agriculture, property development, and life support resources company to exploit the opportunities presented by climate change, and help as many people and animals as possible "weather the storm", so to speak. This will include:

Animal agriculture is killing us, animals, and our planet. I want to build high-tech farms, particularly urban, organic, vegan, environment-controlled, weatherproof, and automated farms, and modern, technology-mediated food distribution networks. The main goal is a 10x improvement in food prices and availability worldwide, esp. vegan, organic food, with the use of automation, urban farming (thus minimising transportation costs), and direct farm-to-table delivery using drones, independent drivers, etc. Other important goals include increased food security with weatherproof farms, and potentially also further popularising veganism with a vegan-organic café franchise. *The opportunity in food, globally, has never been greater. Food shortages are certain and demand will be exceedingly high, worldwide.*

Just as important as food. Everyone in the world must have access to clean water. I'm interested in rainwater capture, air mining, desalination, recycling, and purification (both at town/city and house/office level).

Property development:
* homes, particularly smart, sustainable, healthy, weatherproof homes
* mass, inexpensive housing for refugees
* building new and upgrading existing homes/towns/cities in accordance with modern city design principles
* high-tech ecovillages and "tree towns"
* underground homes/towns/cities
* land rehabilitation, reforestation, wildlife corridors, and conservation

The markets for all these products and services are global, and will exist regardless of what happens economically, politically, or in terms of climate. This makes them very futureproof opportunities. It has to be considered that, while the business would naturally be for-profit, much of its activities would be for charity/goodwill/humanitarianism. The goal is self-empowerment through reputation and wealth accumulation, and application of that empowerment to help as many people and animals as possible to survive and thrive into the future. The primary goal of the business will never be enrichment of executives or shareholders at the expense of the public or the planet, and the health and happiness of staff and customers will always remain of paramount importance.

I have very little business experience beyond freelancing. My main skills include vision, innovation, design, technology, science, research, problem-solving, and communications. Therefore, I am looking for one or more partners who are very strong in business leadership and finance, and who share similar noble "social entrepreneurial" goals as I do. Obviously they will need to be vegan, environmental, and humanitarian.


What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? - Robert H. Schuller


University of Queensland

Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering

1988 - 1992