Shawn Arnwine

Severna Park, Maryland, US

Shawn's Skills
Product Management

About Shawn

I'm currently working to validate/iterate on an idea I have for a B2B2C marketing platform targeted at SMBs. I'm looking for someone to join as CTO, so I can free up my time to focus on customer development/product management and subsequent sales/marketing. The prototype is being built using RoR, but I'm not wedded to this if a compelling argument can be made.

My work experience has provided me with opportunities to become well-rounded, providing a good balance between the technical and business sides, but I'd look to someone else to really drive the technology/development side of the house, while remaining open and collaborative.

I'm currently employed fulltime, but my nights/weekends are spent working on this product. I'm open to evaluating/applying to possible incubators, should we determine it would benefit the customers and product. In the end I'm looking to build a company, not make a quick exit.

Location is not a concern, although if you are in the area that's preferred.

Thanks for your interest and consideration.