Shawn Burke

Seattle, Washington, US

CTO, Buddy Platform
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I worked a range of roles in my time at Microsoft, scaling from front-line developer, up to cross-discipline management (team of ~20 Dev/Test/PM), and then back down to individual and smaller team roles as an Architect. I spent my entire career at Microsoft working in developer tools, which gave me exposure to a lot of different types of technologies ranging from API and framework design to product features in Visual Studio. I was one of the leading influencers at Microsoft in getting them to be more open, especially in terms of releasing code and paying nicer with the OSS community.

I'm highly technical, and also have a lot of experience motivating, mentoring, and building teams, and working effectively with folks from many disciplines, be it legal, marketing, sales, or customer support. MS doesn't skip on the leadership training, so I got good value out of that.

But it was time for a change, and I left Microsoft in January and have been coding up a storm on my own since. A big part of the reason I left was to rediscover my passion for writing code as a primary activity (mission: accomplished!) and get much more familiar with the technologies that are moving the industry.

Work Experience


Buddy Platform, Inc.

March 2013 - December 2016