Shawn Farnum

Kalispell, Montana, US

Shawn's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Shawn

I'm a designer at heart and by trade. I have a few idea's floating around. I need to find a quality programmer to cofound and be a 50/50 collaborator. My concept, my design, you have the ability to help make it functional. My latest idea is to bring the ability to scan social media sites for event and location so that you can build out vacations and or plan your weekend. I love the idea of collaborating with others and helping build things. I'm excited at the thought of building a small start up and work with a highly creative group to build things that help others. Again i'm willing to offer a full 50/50 stake in the creation of my idea. You help me build it and it's yours as much as it's mine.