Atlanta, Georgia, US

We invest in early stage startups by building software in exchange for equity.
Sheikh's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Sheikh

Managing Director of One Way Labs -

Early Stage Investments:
One Way Labs invests in early stage startups and builds software in exchange for equity. We look for great founders, solving important problems. We provide a way for nontechnical founders to get their software built without billing developers by the hour or searching for a co-founder with a background in coding.

We help companies raise follow-on capital and bring their tech teams in-house. Often, while a company works with us, we pair the founders with senior engineers in our network to act as their advisor along the way. And can act as virtual CTO.

Technical Co-Founders:
If you are a founder without any technical skills, you may try to find a technical co-founder. Which could mean hiring the first remotely qualified person you find and giving them a crazy amount of equity, even if they’re not really ideal for the job. We think it’s better to wait until you’ve got a real product and some users, and then raise some money, and then hire a technical team.

Tech Enabled Companies:
We invest in founders who hold deep domain expertise (we look for founder-market fit) and seek companies that have strong revenue models (we don’t invest in ad-supported businesses). This means we are looking to back “tech-enabled companies” rather than tech companies. We aren’t looking for startups with a big technical breakthrough, but rather experts in other fields who want to use technology to solve problems in those fields.