Shem Weissman

Irvine, California, US

Developing crypto platform for normies...
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About Shem

For the last year or so I was developing a platform that would automate pay-per click advertising bids for Google and Bing, but dropped it when I realized that Google is as much of a technology company as Starbucks is a coffee company... It's not!

I pivoted the work I was doing from optimization of ad bidding to optimization of crypto currency portfolios when I realized that crypto-currency represents the future and Google represents the past.

I want to find someone who can be friends and go through the long journey of building a startup together. I could probably do it by myself and kill it, but I think it will be exponentially better if I could find a good partner to do it with me.

I started my first business when I was 12 years old, which was an e-commerce shoe retail company where I dropshipped shoes and clothing from manufacturers in China to my end customers. I realize this may not be a big deal these days, but this was around 2001 or so, before Alibaba was mainstream. By the time I was 15 that business had 7 figure annual revenue.

I studied economics, I work in marketing at a software company in Irvine, and have been actively learning programming for the last couple years.

I am big into nutrition, fitness, Russian, Roman and Chinese history, coffee, Peter Thiel, Tom Wolfe, questioning reality, going to church, trolling people when I can, and discovering the complexities behind what may seem very simple. It delights me to find out when there is grand logic behind something that seems random.

Two main goals I have in life are 1. to solve southern California's traffic problem and 2. to be able to transfer my consciousness to some sort of computer-like membrane.

If you think we'd get along, hit me up.


California State University Long Beach


2011 - 2011