Shem Weissman

Irvine, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Shem

I'm driven by the concept of everything that I do should have a credible reason for doing it. If there's no reason behind it, it's not logical to do it. Doing something with no reason is a sure way to fail.

I am a natural entrepreneur.

I started my first business when I was 12 years old, which was an e-commerce shoe retail company where I dropshipped shoes and clothing from manufacturers in China to my end customers. By the time I was 15 that business had 7 figure annual revenue.

In 2010 I joined Fuloo, which was a start up niche e-commerce sporting goods manufacturer & importer. When I started, there was myself, the founder and 1 other person, there is now almost 20 people working at Fuloo. Fuloo has been an incredible learning experience for me, and has shown me how to successfully grow and manage a business, and has allowed me to make connections with incredible people.

Smart people do not try to create opportunities, that's almost impossible, but they try to be prepared, and when an opportunity presents itself, they catch the wave.

In 2013 I saw an incredible opportunity for a niche in a social product that seemed obvious to me, but surprisingly nobody had done yet.

I have an amazing concept that is mostly amazing because it's real. It's probably not going to be the next FaceBook, but it is going to be successful, and is really going to happen, and that's the difference between my concept and everyone else who will tell you their idea is going to be a unicorn.

I have the big idea, detailed business analysis that shows its realistic to be a $50mm a year company, pending patents that will prevent competitors from taking my market, and will soon launch the prototype to demonstrate proof of concept.

What I'm missing is my technical co-founder.

I've outsourced a majority of the development for this project, and I have some working technical understanding, and am learning Java and C as well, but I'm not a developer, and I need someone who can compliment my strengths and weaknesses.

The key to the success of any business is the team. Ideas don't matter if nobody can execute them. Having a bunch of superstars doesn't matter, if they can't work together.

So I'm looking for someone who, beyond excellent technical abilities, will also see what I see for this business, and be on the same page with me to grow this from concept to revenue generating business to exit with acquisition or IPO.

If you think that sounds interesting, please contact me.


California State University Long Beach


2011 - 2011