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I have been working around the medical industry as a software architect for a opensource project called OpenEMR. I have been a freelance developer for two years. In those two years of trying to sale the product to the medical community. I have come to realize a reoccurring problem. That is the lack of capital / cash flow in medical practice today.

I set out on a journey to save the doctors basically from themselves. But how? I was doing research on what could make the Primary Care Physician more profitable and I found that the answer is in the Affordable Healthcare Act that was passed. It has a prevision in it for consumers of medical services to pay primary care physicians directly. This was a major find. I have done much reading and research about how to make this work. Doctors around the nation have been using this model since 2005. It is now time to setup a consulting firm to help doctors convert or hybrid their practice to this business model.
"The entrance of the highly successful dialysis company, DaVita, is one of the biggest recent developments in DPC. They bought a DPC/onsite clinic company ModernMed, a healthcare service firm providing direct primary care in 12 states through employer-based, on-site clinics and private physician practices. Later, they bought Healthcare Partners, the country’s largest operator of medical groups and physician networks, for over $4B. The DPC/onsite company is the foundation of DaVita’s new division, Paladina Health. Some of the Healthcare Partners practices could transition to a DPC model. DaVita has jumpstarted Paladina by enrolling DaVita’s largest concentration of employees in Tacoma, Washington with over 1,000 employees and their dependents. "



BS Electronics

1993 - 1993


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MCP: Windows Server 2003