Shibei Ding

San Jose, California, US

Cofounder @ Arcbering Consulting, previously tech reporter @TMTPost
Shibei's Skills
Public Relations
Business Development

About Shibei

Hi there. I am a tech reporter from TMTPost based in Silicon Valley and has been writing for respected Chinese media like Sina and Netease for more than two years.

In these two years I've been talking to a lot of startup founders who have great interest in the Chinese market, but few knows how. China is way across the ocean and the Chinese media landscape is quite different from here in the United States.

Me and my cofounder Annie Chen, who is a 7-year tech reporter also based in Silicon Valley, decided to start a PR firm to help the startups in Silicon Valley to grasp the attention of the Chinese audience effectively - no matter the consumers, investors or potential partners.

We have strong media relations and content creating skills, which helped us attracted over 70 clients now. With the successful campaigns in the past year, we are looking to expand our team and are excited to find our partner in the U.S. market, who can help with the company's sales and marketing in the U.S.

Please do not hesitate to contact me and I would love to share more details with you in person.