Shipeng Fu


San Francisco, California, US

Founder at Knowledgette
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Business Development
Product Management

About Shipeng

Creativity & Execution
Initiated and built many company’s firsts while working for my last employer, an energy startup. Spent two weeks in Nigeria and successfully deploy the latest R&D technology to the field engineers and geoscientist while working for Royal Dutch Shell, received “Thank You” recognition letter from both the Vice President of Shell R&D and Shell Nigeria Asset Deepwater development manager. As one of the youngest engineers in Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning and Design, my first project (I was the PI) won 3rd place Excellent Planning Project Award during my first year. PhD thesis was completely based on my own idea, an accidental discovery.

Leadership & Relationship
Currently a committee chair of Golden Gate Section of Society of Petroleum Engineers. Organized professional conferences and student paper contests. Past committee chair for New Professional Network at Shell... Planned and coordinated a friend’s wedding (100~200 people) in graduate school under tight time and budget constraints…

Experience & Perspective
Worked 8 years in both large and small organizations, private and public sectors, China and US…

Work Experience



January 2014 - December 2016