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Shivam Gupta

Business Developer

Delhi, , India


About Shivam

Hello awesome people :)
I am Shivam Gupta pursuing Bachelors of Commerce from University of Delhi.
I have been a part of numerous startups and I have fallen in love with the startup culture. It infuses my heart with extreme happiness when I see young minds following their passion and working on a business idea which is going to tomorrow's BIG thing.
I want to team up with enthusiastic minds so that -

I am here to solve the problem which a large number of college going students and employees living away from their families face i.e HEALTHY AND HOLISTIC FOOD . So , we want to bridge the gap between the home chefs and the target audience by creating a social platform where any chef be it a housewife or a professional chef can list themselves verified and listed .The beauty of the concept is that any person who is passionate about cooking can earn a fair amount as well as get a platform to showcase their hidden talents.
How would it feel if your mother being a housewife earns while she cooks and lives her happy independent life ? :)

So, if you have the vigor and the passion to be a part of India's biggest food tech start up, then boost up, shake up and live your dreams.

" What is your secret of success ?"
Reply came -
"Really Simple !
I am doing ( action ) while you are only watching "
- Jack Ma (Ali baba)