Shlomi Dinoor

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management
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Business Development

About Shlomi

My professional experience spans across all aspects of the product creation process (core development, product management, design/UX, and communicating it in simple terms to the business/customers). I have played various roles from core developer, product manager, to VP Engineering and other strategic technology positions.

Most of my career I was part of small companies and/or early stage initiatives, taking ideas from inception and connecting them to the market (real customers, real product). One exception was a while back when I worked for a large organization for 2-3 years (through an acquisition). This experience helped me realize that my DNA and true passion is elsewhere - with early stage initiatives.

My recent activities included executive (technology) positions as VP Engineering at Energy Points, and VP Emerging Technologies at Cyber-Ark, as well as technology partner in a couple of early stage initiative.

During the past year I have teamed up with a couple of very experienced non-technical founders. They were looking for a hands-on tech-entrepreneur who can own the product side. As VP Engineering I was tasked with building the engineering organization and offerings from the ground up. We embarked on a journey taking us from a concept through several iterations of the product to finally reaching the major milestone of a sellable solution and initial POs. To support our objectives I built the engineering organization, addressing the need for web application as well as backend development, UX, quality assurance and IT. The solution we have created is a business intelligence/analytics tool. As such, having best in class UX was vital. As part of my role I worked closely with one the best UX studio in the area on our UX strategy, design and implementation. We have managed to create intuitive data visualization and powerful analytics, while providing an actionable and engaging experience.

At the end of the day it is all about building a company from scratch. Beyond the product/engineering team activities we did whatever was required, from setting up the new office, arguing about what chairs should we get, buying office supplies, handling IT issues, cleaning the kitchen and much more. This is what makes early stage company fun.

Work Experience

Co-Founder & CEO


June 2014 - December 2016