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Shlomo Bright

Business Developer, Programmer

Waterloo, , Canada


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Shlomo

I'm interested in how public educational institutions will evolve over the next few years.

Recently I've realized a problem pertaining to university campuses.
- They're very large. It becomes difficult to keep up with all the interesting academic work going on outside one's own department or area of study.

I've started building a website that seeks to connect students, professors and researchers on university campuses. You'll notice, there's only Fine Arts courses featured on the site. It's an intentional starting point. I think there's a lot of interesting student work being made in this department that not many people are aware of.

Here's what I've built so far.

I've been developing a video series in parallel with the website and basically interviewed profs and students about their work. Check it out here!

I recently started learning how to code. I enjoy it and now have such high regard for those that work as programmers.