Shoukri Kattan

Toronto, Canada

Shoukri's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Shoukri

I'm currently a director of Technology at a Telecom consulting firm, I'm also an entrepreneur with some interesting startup experience in Cloud Computing, Mobile, and more.

I am very Technical, very hands on, and have a Getting things done attitude, and love to learn and pickup new skills as we go along.

I'm interested in startups in general, some of the areas that interest me and that are ripe to innovation in my opinion are ; Telecom (where I have good experience and I have a few ideas however most of them require significant amounts of $$$$) , Social , Crowd X where X is a number of industries and businesses where crowd sourcing makes sense , Marketing , Real Estate , and Finance.

I have a few ideas for each one of those domains however Im willing to listen and work on another good idea outside of this list as long as I have a passion for it and that it makes sense.