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Hello !
I am well experienced in multiple dimensions of traditional businesses now shifting my focus to technology startups .I have designed many traditional and technical projects for state and central governments of which many are implemented ranging from educational defense aerospace etc . Presently i am working on a project related to Secondary financial market . I am here looking for two co founders who are experienced/expert in their respective feild

Co-Founder 1
I am looking for a technical person who is experienced/expert in making/developing complex aaps software and websites . People living in and arround Delhi are most welcome. If full time commitment is not possible , you can work in part time.
Need a software engineer to help me establish a tech startup from scratch as a co-founder. As a team he should understand the pain & sacrifices it takes to be a co-founder of a startup. He should know how to make, test & publish android apps. Should also know back end work & cloud computing, android studio. I want someone who doesn't care about high salary but have the guts to take risk, sacrifice salary for some period & help building an empire. This work is not for you if you want a job with fixed monthly salary & no risk.

Co-founder 2
This should be a person Experienced/expert in any one of the following fields Ex- Financial Institutions , Banking System , Stock market , Stock exchange , Secondary and Primary market ,
Mutual and Hedge funds etc
He should be able to provide his expertise in designing/editing/improving our project . Again you can commit your part time ! no issue . Would have to supervises our project and continuously guide us with your expertise.

I can see a huge potential in my project. Its revenue genration model is exceptional and can start generating revenue within few weeks. About valuation i can calculate that within 3 to 6 month it can reach single highest digit million dollars in International markets .

Rest we can discuss over a cup of coffee somewhere in Delhi .
you can contact me on:
Nine triple Five Four Zero Seven Five Six Five

Hope to see you soon


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