Shrijit's Skills
Product Management

About Shrijit

I believe I am an effective communicator. I genuinely enjoy talking to and meeting people. Marketing would be my forte when it comes to joining a startup. Understanding the market situation and coming up with effective ways to market products is what I'm good at. This coupled with my knowledge of branding and sales skills would help me carve out a prominent name for our startup in the industry. I would also be bringing to the table some skills in content writing and search engine optimisation. Understanding the team's strengths and weaknesses and using them to our best interest is what I'd try to do. I'm looking to join enthusiastic people who wish to achieve something prodigious. Most importantly I'd like to be part of a team where effective communication takes place and creative inputs from each member is taken into consideration because who knows, 'the next big thing' might be just a brainstorming session away!