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Shyam Bheda

Design, Technical, Business Development

Mumbai, India


About Shyam

Shyam is committed to be instrumental in transforming the entrepreneur’s ideas & business vision into reality.

With launch of MangoMiles in Nov 2016, his core focus is to serve the business ventures in tourism & hotel sector.

MangoMiles builds Websites & Web solutions for
1) Tours, Holiday Packages & Hotel Booking
2) Hotels & Resorts

Under the brand of Webglisten; Shyam has passionately served more than 150 businesses in last 7 years across domestic & international geographies across various sectors.

Shyam is also a co-founder & technology architect of the social enterprise “Alchemus World”, a website built to touch and transform millions of lives. Alchemus has handpicked content for inspiration in form of quotes, thoughts, TED videos, short movies, inspirational videos, stories, etc.


Entrepreneur | Tourism & Hotel Web Technology