Sibte Hassan

Kings County, New York, US

Sibte's Skills
Product Management

About Sibte

Imagine this: A Steak dinner for two can save a tiger... Your Manicure will help plant a forest. Weirdly cool right? This is exactly what Karmio is making possible. Local businesses supporting local and global charities.

With over 5,000 local charities to choose from, a credible local business can post their own deal, set their own prices, choose the charity they love and post away. Whoever buys that deal gets to enjoy the discount, if any, and be rest assured that not a portion but a set dollar amount has been sent to the charity. All transparent, no hidden agendas.

The above two examples are just a hint of what Karmio can do. As long as there is a consumer for a product or a service, it can be posted on Karmio.

This is the idea I am working on and now its about to cross over into its alpha-phase. I am seeking someone who understands how to connect local businesses with the rest of the world and close deals.