Siddharth Potbhare

College Park, Maryland, US

Siddharth's Skills
Product Management

About Siddharth

We are a technology startup with a product - GateKeeper - that works on securing computers and workstations when they are not being used. While the hardware and software solution has applications in wide ranging industries, our initial focus market is the healthcare sector where HIPAA laws require computers with patient data to be secure at all times. With the need for increased productivity in the healthcare sector, security often takes a back seat. With GateKeeper, healthcare professionals can maintain security without compromising productivity.

We are currently looking for an experienced healthcare sales and marketing professional to lead our sales team. We would prefer someone with proven credentials in the healthcare sector, with personal knowledge of sales cycles, sales models, etc. that can be directly applied to our product. We need someone who can talk to the CIOs and CSOs of major hosptials and organizations, and help launch our product into the healthcare sector.