Siddharth's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Siddharth

I'm a full-stack web developer specializing in real-time single page application development with total experience of over 4 years. I am fiercely passionate about the user experience and interaction of a product. I hold a high standard of quality in everything that I do, and believe agile methodologies and test-driven development lead to better applications.

My experience and interests run the gamut from UI/UX design, through web development, front-end & back-end engineering, infrastructure, along with the project management experience to pull it all together.

My First venture Weaver Birds failed as we weren't a team with complementary skills.

True to the lyrics: You rise, you fall, you’re down and you rise again. I am looking for a Co-Founder who shares the passion to build something cool and launching the same at a global level.