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Siddharth Talesra

Engineer, Programmer, Product Manager

Jodhpur, , India


Age Group


About Siddharth

I am hardworking and I believe if someone do much hardworking with honesty and decisive carefullness. He can be the next Tata or so. The path I had taken and the plan which I am following is difficult but will achieve the thing someone can't imagine and will have ever lasting impact. If you believe doing something for someone, then actually you are doing it for yourself also which will benefit in future as well as immediate present. If someone works with me, let me tell you entrepreneur path is not easy or piece of cake, it's difficult and if you want to be a champion in your life, an unshakeable one, respect full one and wants to do something for your country through entrepreneurship,(seriously) then you are welcome. You can mail me at or call me at 9829208569. Other things like how I am going to do it, what is my education level, etc. will discuss later.