Sigit Prayoga

Jakarta, Indonesia

Sigit's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Sigit

I am looking for CTO to run the business together. I used to be a software engineer for 5 years, in Jakarta & USA. I have a big dreams to have a consulting business to train lots of software engineers through out the globe, especially in Indonesia, we are a potential country in many aspects, human resources, economy etc. Training & Development are the things that I really want to, influence other people to success and help to achieve their success in life. Because I think, there is no genius or fools, everyone is the same, we are human being, once we have a huge determination to learn, we essentially can become anything in this world. I hope I can meet someone who has the same vision as myself, or even more.


Gunadarma University

Bachelor of Engineering

2010 - 2010