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About ENDS

After working in the IT industry for more than two decades & listening to my business clients worry, I have developed a new method & associated technologies that allows starting/running a business WITHOUT needing conventional Client/Server environments NOR local network/broadband and/or communication/phone infrastructures.

Designed from a clean sheet, the ENDS Business Solution was developed to offer the following characteristics:

A COMPLETE Solution for less than half the costs normally paid for hardware, software, internet & communication tools needed to start and/or operate a business.
New security paradigm to eliminate the current headaches of breaches/data thefts.
New data protection paradigm to eliminate need for data & battery backups.
New data loss prevention paradigm to prevent headaches from hard drive failures, physical thefts, fires, floods, etc.
Easy to implement/maintain requiring no internal IT support staff, reducing business costs.
Easy & fun to use with superior learning curves, your grandmother can run her business without any tech experience.
Wireless & ubiquitous with no geographical boundaries.
State-of-the-Art Green & Energy Star compliant hardware with significantly reduced carbon footprints & associated energy bills.
System is continuously evolving without the business owner having to worry about frequent software/hardware cycles/costs.
Designed to be implemented anywhere, even without infrastructures such as business internet/phone and/or electricity.
Particularly suited for small businesses in the rural areas of the planet.
Only solution for businesses that can't access good Business IT tools nor connectivity/phone to operate their business.
EVERYTHING needed to start and operate a business.
Designed to be eminently Franchise-able especially in every small town in America and across the world to cater to any business.

This is a disruptive Business Tech & Support model that is sure to change the industry. Once on the ENDS System there is no going back. I need CoFounders preferably with past IT experiences to help me launch this. The ENDS Method, Technology & associated hardware/software has taken me five years, from conception, R&D & a prototype platform, to come up with a working model using off-the-shelf hardware & software. The next step is to get the hardware built to our specs, tweak the software to our exacting standards and market it. This is where you come in. I need partners who are developers, marketers & executive team members.

I have already identified the hardware and SDKs needed. I should mention my career goes beyond "IT". I have been a Business & Technology Consultant for twenty years. I have founded/grown hardware development firms that design chip, boards, Solid State Drives, etc., to acquisition by larger companies. I am particularly good with methodologies, pure power & signal/data propagation and wireless technologies. I have a passion for efficiency in all areas, especially Transactional Efficiency. I have also founded a ZERO Carbon Footprint Renewable Energy company with a goal to bring power to areas where there are no power infrastructures, without building a grid. Please see my bio on LinkedIn and on ENDSEnergy.com for further info. Thanks.

Managing People
Product Management


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

1984 - 1984