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Simon Feng


Edison, New Jersey, US


About Simon

I am good at building complex web applications with rich, interactive user interface with back-end support. I have been a software developer using c, c++, java, etc. to write code, especially in a client-server model, for more than 15 years. I have deep understanding of the under-hood stuff of web/internet architecture, capable of building web sites with unlimited features like that of Google, Facebook, Twitter etc, (may be in a smaller scale).
I am looking for business ideas to build an online business from a business savvy person, a potential co-founder, to be in charge of the business aspect of the proposed start-up, like marketing, sales etc. I will be responsible to build the whole system.
To have an idea of what kind of web application I can build, please go to my web site at
, which is a photo storage/management application. Welcome potential co-founders to take a look (using login credential inspector/inspector) and feedback.


New York Univeresity

MS Computer Science

2001 - 2001