Simon Kahan

Seattle, Washington, US

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I am a highly experienced (30+ years) computer scientist focused on transformative high performance computing software technologies. I have worked in start-up, medium and large sized companies including AT&T Bell Laboratories, Cray, and Google.
My current start-up aims to accelerate discovery and testing in the life science industries by enabling the replacement of labwork involving multicellular systems by computer models and simulation. For example, animal testing of skin products will be replaced by predictive skin models and high performance computing simulation. The technology has been under development for 6 years and has been licensed already to Celgene, P&G, and ISB -- all are paying customers.

What I need most right now is help with business development: that is, I need someone who will take the lead on identifying and nurturing opportunities where the technology has potential for greatest commercial impact. Such a person would need business development and sales experience in R&D of the life science technology sectors, such as pharma or consumer care products. The opportunity here is immense: in the automobile industry, over one-hundred prototypes on average were destroyed per model of automobile prior to the 1980s, when computer simulation was introduced to the industry; today, a half-dozen on average are physically tested, lowering cost and time to market and resulting a more competitive and safer end product. What we are pursuing -- predictive simulation of living systems such as skin, tumors, yeast colonies, and biofilms -- will bring similar improvements to life science industries. While my team includes top-notch researchers who understand the science, we need help from someone with business development experience who is well connected to forward thinking executives in the life science industries.


Seattle University

MA Organization Systems Renewal

2012 - 2012

UNiversity of Washington, Seattle

PhD Computer Science

1991 - 1991

UC Berkeley

MS Electrical Engineering

1985 - 1985