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Hello folks!

Am Smit and am based out of New Delhi. I have product management experience of about 3+ years with a globally present student exchange community in addition to a full-time professional work experience of 5+ years in Marketing & Strategy at a NASSCOM Top 6 Technology Services provider for 15+ service lines and 10+ industry verticals, after working as an eCommerce web-analyst for an year and a short stint with a Digital / Interactive Marketing services based Start-up at Noida.

I'm thrilled with the potential that Solar Energy as a source of Power has to offer in a Country like India with several Giga-Watts of Power deficit, where Narendra Modi's Government has provided enough impetus to boost the growth of production capacity from a few 10 GigaWatts today to 1000 Gigawatts by 2020 and Governments like the State of Haryana announcing no tolerance for non-compliance to basic-minimum Solar adoption by September 2015 as well as introduction of Net-Metering system whereby, surplus solar power produced comes back to the Account as a Credit from the Grid.

The ability, the potential and the role of today's Entrepreneur to hatch this opportunity is beyond doubt, unmistakabale indeed and if motivation is what would drive you to believe in this, look @

I am looking for a Co - Founder who is passionate about Solar Energy's capability to disrupt the Indian Consumer markets as well as having a firm belief in the convergence of innovations in the applications Internet of Things to leverage Solar electricity for the masses. PM, Connect with me on LinkedIn or comment on the post.

Happy to connect!