Skip Spitzer

Portland, Oregon, US

Skip's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Skip

Me: Have, I believe, an exceedingly good idea, which has undergone considerable development so far (it has social benefit as well as extremely high valuation potential, and could create and dominate an essentially new market). Focusing now on deepening my knowledge of startup idea and product development, team building, and execution. Broadly skilled programmer, with many ancillary product dev capacities (usability/UX, design, copy, technical documentation, etc.) and organizational development expertise (strategy dev, process facilitation, program dev, evaluation, management structure, organizing skills, among others). Strong emphasis on details, clear communication, integrity, and follow-through. Into working very hard, but having fun along the way and at least a semblance of life/work balance.

You: Realistic about what a startup project entails. Ability to build highly polished, well architected, cleanly coded, scalable, localizable Web applications. Mobile dev a plus. Willing to delve into new areas of technical responsibility. Have non-technical capacities (not necessarily business related) that make you a formidable partner. Willingness to blend responsiveness/agility with evolving structure. Understand the importance of the co-founder relationship and willing to build a relationship in an intentional way. Resonance and commitment to product. I don't care about your politics but need resonate with core values such as attention to social and environmental impact, high standards of integrity, and accountability. Strong communication skills essential.



MA Sociology

1991 - 1991