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Product Manager, Programmer

New York, New York, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Slav

I am full stack developer who in the past was working on the large scale web-to-print and digital asset management web platforms like, (bought by and I switched from my full time six figure salary cushy job to flexible part time work from home gig so I can dedicate more time working on my own startup projects.

Currently I am building simple, elegant and more productive document and image management platform. I don't have a partner now. I am looking for someone who can compliment my skills. I am good with technical / engineering / product management aspects but I am not so good with marketing, SEO, business development, graphic design and UI / UX. I can handle work in each of those areas however I realize that there are people up there who are much better than me and I would love to partner with them. So, you bring your expertise n any of those areas and I bring the technical know how.
The core feature of the product is smart document and image conversion solutions. Transform your docs to PDF, images or eBooks. Magically convert your image collections to eye catching photo collages or PDF documents. Organize your photo library by creating contact sheets or adding instantly text captions and watermarks to your photos.

I am good at what I do so please be really good in at least one of the mentioned above areas. Also please be motivated, goal driven and ready to make commitment for at least 10 hours / week. I am looking for someone who is not afraid of failure or huge success.


Rochester Institute of Technology


2001 - 2001


Microsoft Certified Professional Developer: Enterprise Applications