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I am full stack developer who in the past was working on the large scale web-to-print and digital asset management solutions like, (bought by and My startup is PDF and image toolkit that helps consumers and small business owners to get done fast various tasks such as

- fill, sign, merge and split PDF documents
- create photo collages and add watermarks and caption to photos
- create PDF contact sheets or convert images to PDF brochures
- scan photo of any document, receipt, note or whiteboard discussion without a scanner
- create ebook or convert comics books to PDF

Give it a try and let me know what you think

I did not put any efforts in SEO or promoting this service yet however I tested user feedback and traction using Hotjar analytics software and paid Google traffic and results look very optimistic. The bounce rate is 5-8% and about 25-30% of users are coming back to use this service over again. It has close to 500 registered users sign up during last 3 months.

I am a good developer but am not very good with marketing and social media stuff so I am looking for someone who has experience in generating user traffic and marketing. So, you bring your expertise in business development, marketing, social media and SEO and I will bring the technical know how. Please be motivated, goal driven and ready to make commitment for at least 10 hours / week. I am looking for someone who is not afraid of failure or huge success.

I would be open joining your project if you have terrific idea that have potential of gaining traction, generating revenue and become a real business. If you decide to contact me please have pitch desk ready. I won't work on "throw against the wall and see if it sticks" idea.


Rochester Institute of Technology


2001 - 2001


Microsoft Certified Professional Developer: Enterprise Applications