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It's simple, we need a developer/CTO to join our start up in the B2B and consumer space, and by we I mean myself and 2 other co-founders.

We are a start up with a fully functional free version of our app that is in production at over 10 satisfied businesses. We are about to generate revenue with the launch of a unique and new, socially responsible, patent pending, feature next month (October 2014) that will generate revenue for us while simultaneously generating revenue for our charity partners.

We have also partnered with some large hunger related charities in an effort to increase our distribution channels for our charity related feature. We are in the beginning of turning this product into something huge, and definitely disruptive and unique.

We in about to begin a project with one of the top Beer Brewers in the world that would ink a deal for a feature that would promote their beverages in return for distribution deal for our product into potentially hundreds of franchise restaurants.

We are close to closing a professional round of Angel funding that will allow us to hire full time sales and developer employees.

Our company was a product of the Chicago Booth New Venture Challenge where we were finalists. We have ties into many of the booth resources, alumni, and prior successful companies (such as GrubHub).

Why do we need a CTO do you ask? Who is handling all our technology thus far? Well, this is a good question and turns out to be a very good opportunity for you. We outsourced the development of our product to a very skilled team. The project with them, we knew, was always going to be short term and eventually we'd have to partner with a real CTO in the US at some point for investors to take us seriously. The outsourced team delivered a great core product for us, we just need you to expand upon it and take over where they left off.

Don't worry, we are not just going to throw a bunch of spaghetti code in your lap. There will be plenty of time and support for transitioning the product and code to the new CTO. Actually, two of the current developers are minority shareholders and have a vested interest in our success so you will not ever be in the dark, and will always have access to the original developers; but if you want to rewrite the entire application because you think that is necessary for you, then have at it. You will have the option to work with them, and eventually take over the role of CTO. They will always be available, part time, to support you and our company.

We have plans to expand on the current core product deeper into our existing market and into other verticals, namely doctors offices.


University of Maryland, College Park

BS, Finance

1999 - 1999