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Business Development
Product Management

About Soham

The quest to do something to reduce the problems that different stripes of people face drives me to be an entrepreneur.
Presently I am working in a fortune 500 company in India. I have plans for startups in content curation and live support chat softwares that are not similar to conventional existing apps. The ideas are genuine and solves business problems. Mockups and detailed business plans have been drafted. I have also invested time and money to validate these ideas and I am getting fairly good response.
Therefore I am seeking a co-founder who has good programming skills(experience in content curation , twitter , google apis, Nodejs , meteorjs, JS, NLP and data mining would be an added advantage) for web based startups and who can add value to my business ideas.
skills needed:website development(everything server side and client side )
If you have any of these skill sets you may contact me.