Sohan Chauhan

San Francisco, California, US

Sohan's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Sohan

Highly driven and passionate in combining my diverse knowledge on dealing with my clients in the varied fields of manufacturing, software licensing, Supply chain, Trade Finance, Product development, Architect , IT Operations, account management, Marketing Strategy and Sales.

Worked effectively beside founders/visionaries by lending technical, operational, product, recruiting, marketing strategy, sales experience and guidance. Specialize in bridging the gap between strategic thinking and rapid execution, usually with a hands on role.

Passionate about the digital world and Internet enthusiast with deep knowledge of mobile/internet industry dynamics, understanding of the consumer internet/social media products and trends in developing/ emerging markets.

Effective communicator with honed relationship management, analytical & logical problem-solving abilities with excellent planning& execution skills.

Over the years I have led end to end product development including Product ideation, Identification of suitable Technology matrix for the product, architect for high scalability & availability, setting up of development, test and deployment environments, establishing best practices, building team, release planning, delivery management and operating at scale.

Refined management style characterized as empowering, encouraging and motivating.

Strong mentor with talent for team building.

High Reputation for dedication, timely delivery of projects, multitasking, creative problem solving, and outstanding service.

8+ years experience Architecting client/server, multi-tier software applications including distributed and/or replicated systems/networks.

5 years experience as a Senior Executive managing in technical and non-technical environments.

4 years working knowledge in startups managing varied roles and developed deep understanding of various functions of a company.